An interview with an hacking expert

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An interview with an hacking expert

Post by sachinrana135 on Tue Jan 28, 2014 3:46 pm

Yesterday I was reading e-newspaper and found an interesting interview with an ethical hacker Saket Modi.then I thought I should share this in this forum.this article will be helpful for all member regarding career in ethical hacking.
Author Saket Modi, is CEO and co-founder of  Lucideus company.

    Hacking for the greater good

Q.1-Are there government certified courses in information security and ethical hacking?
Currently, there are no government certified courses in the country for these disciplines. However, talks with various government bodies and state goverments are underway for including a UGC certified course. Additionally, various expert bodies provide certificate course like certified ethical hackers (CEH), computer hacking forensic investigation (CHFI) for computer graduates who wish to make a career in information security and ethical hacking.

Q.2-What are the skills imperative to build a successful career in this domain?
To be successful, you really need to have a fundamental knowledge of programming languages. You should also understand the dynamics of computers and how data flow and data structures work.

Q.3-What job roles are graduates hired for and what are the growth opportunities this field presents?
Ethical hacking is growing to be one of the most coveted careers of the near future and presents growth opportunities on a global scale. It is the next big thing as companies, across sectors, require cyber security. Graduates can start their careers by working in companies as information security analysts and grow on to become managers. Further, they can also go up the hierarchy to reach the level of chief information security officers (CISO), the top job in this domain.

Q.4-What remuneration can they expect?
Salaries in this field depend on one’s talents and skills. Having said this, the average remuneration packages start from anywhere between Rs 4-4.5 lakh per annum and can go up to a crore for high level officials.

Q.5-While there is a clear distinction between ethical and non-ethical hacking, do instances like the NSA incursion put it back in debate?
There is no difference between hacking and ethical hacking in terms of capabilities. However, ethical hackers know their boundaries. They would hack for the betterment of their organisations. Since the NSA led hackings infringed upon the personal liberty of citizens, there must be checks on organisations to avoid such instances by people who hold the bastions of power.

Q.6-What is the scope for ethical hacking and cyber security in India?
The scope of ethical hacking is huge in the country today as we still lag behind in terms of putting right cyber security in place at par with countries such as US, Japan and China. Hence this implies that there is going to be a huge demand for cyber security experts in our country. The new cyber policy also states that there is an immediate demand for five lakh cyber security experts in India according to the dossier released by Union ministry of information technology in 2012, but the available manpower is much less.
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