what is repeater?

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what is repeater?

Post by ashu4261 on Wed Jan 15, 2014 11:57 pm

Repeaters are Internetworking devices which operate at the physical layer. It deals with signal reproduction and retransmission of data. A simple amplifier will amplify not only the signal but also any noise accompanying the signal. But a repeater strips the digital data & saves it. It then reconstructs and retransmits the signal. The new signal is an exact duplicate of the original transmitted signal, able to travel over the new network segment. A repeater does not incorporate any changes to, or even analysis of, the addressing or structure of the data associated with other layers (higher). It simply reconditions received data & passes it on.


1.Simple to connect
2.Cost effective
3.Ability to strengthen signal


1.Repeaters provide no method for isolating traffic generated on one cable segment from traffic generated by the other cable segment.
2.When network uses a repeater to connect cable segment A to segment B whether or not there is a station in segment B that is the destination of the signal.
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